Our Staff

Our warm and caring teachers promote a culture of kindness, respect, and joy of school. They set a tone of exploration and encouragement for the children, while offering a wide variety of opportunities for each child's growth and development.

Sheila Jakubik

Sheila Jakubik, Director

Sheila joined the Bethany Preschool staff in the fall of 2008 as the director. She worked for many years as the office manager of a small architecture firm and then went back to school to earn a Master in Teaching. She has over 10 years of teaching experience and has taught at all grade levels. Sheila took a break from teaching full-time when her children were born and now that they are in school, she is excited about bringing together her management and education experience in a place she loves. Bethany's play-based approach gives students great opportunities to learn and prepare for kindergarten in an authentic setting that is fun. Sheila loves working with preschool families and believes all children should have the opportunity to attend preschool.

Jenny Kilby

Jenny Kilby, Lead Teacher, Grasshopper Class (4-5 year olds)

Jenny joined the Bethany staff in 2014 as the Lead Grasshopper Teacher. Jenny taught second grade, first grade, and most recently kindergarten before moving to Bainbridge Island. She is an amazing teacher with more than 17 years of experience in the classroom. She is talented at using play to teach students literacy, math, and science concepts to prepare them for kindergarten. Recently she completed the Music Together training to enrich students' day with music and rhythm. Jenny has two children in elementary school. Her warm and nurturing nature helps all children feel cared about and connected to school.

Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson, Lead Teacher, Firefly Class (3-4 year olds)

Originally from France, Valerie started teaching in a French-language preschool in Virginia. She has always been interested in Early Childhood Education and is constantly amazed to see the capacity for learning that young children have. Valerie stayed home for a few years raising two bilingual daughters and then joined the Bethany teaching staff in the fall of 2009. Her younger daughter attended Bethany Lutheran Preschool, and Valerie has served as Secretary of the Preschool Board, Substitute Teacher and Lead Teacher of the Firefly class. Valerie brings a sense of joy to the classroom and uses her gifts of storytelling, puppets and song to engage the children.

Allie McDonald

Allison McDonald, Lead Teacher, Bumble Bee Class (2½ year olds)

In 2014, Allison joined the Bethany staff as the lead teacher for the Bumble Bee Class. It is a perfect fit for Allison because, even with her impressive resume, she loves playing on the floor, singing silly songs, and playing make-believe. Allison is not only a certified teacher, but has also been a KinderCare Center Director and lead teacher for a 2-3 year old preschool class in Seattle. She is currently a Contributing Writer for Scholastic Parents and PBS Parents. Both of Allison's children attended Bethany Preschool, and she was excited to become a part of the teaching staff. Allison is wonderful at helping little ones become more independent.

Rachel Running

Rachel Running, Assistant Teacher, Grasshopper Class

When an opening occurred mid year in 2006, Rachel was thrilled to join the Bethany staff. She worked as a pediatric nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the University of Washington Medical Center for 15 years. During that time, she also worked as an infant ground transport nurse for Children's Hospital. Rachel has three daughters. She is drawn to children and child development, but preschoolers are her favorite age. Rachel is gifted at making every preschooler feel cared about and important while fostering their growth toward independence.

Selina Johnson

Selina Johnson, Assistant Teacher, Firefly Class Class and Bumble Bee Class

Selina joined the preschool staff in 2004 as an assistant teacher. She brought a wealth of experience since she had been involved in a cooperative preschool for seven years as a parent, taking on the job of risk manager and serving as a board member. Selina lived in Alaska for 11 years working as a store manager for a seafood company. She, her husband and two children, still go to Alaska every summer! Selina loves helping young children to be independent, self-assured and capable to work and play with others with kindness and respect. Selina brings a positive energy to the classroom that is infectious.

Music Together Program

Bethany is a certified Music Together preschool. All materials and class sessions are included in the yearly tuition. We are thrilled to have Heather Scott leading the Music Together instruction.

Heather Scott

Heather Scott, Music Together Instructor

Heather founded Little Woodstock Music Together in 2005, and it is her life's passion and purpose to be able to do what she loves most: working with little people in a musical setting. She is passionate about the basic philosophy and mission of Music Together. Heather is exceptional at working with preschool-age children. She began playing the piano at age four and has been involved with chorale singing and musical theater. She has a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Montana, and she took substantial coursework in child development and child psychology. She helps students find the joy in making music while making them feel empowered and important.

Preschool Board

Fatima Wallin, Chair
Sheila Jakubik, Director
Kelli Collins, Secretary and Parent Representative
Tina Becker, Parent Representative
Tiffany Stevenson, Parent Representative
Linda Sommerseth, Congregation Representative
Valerie Johnson, Preschool Staff Representative
Pastor Paul Stumme-Diers

Staff photos by Katie Brase Photography