Our family has moved around quite a bit, and our older kids went to several different pre-schools, but our youngest two were able to go through Bethany Lutheran’s entire program. We could not have been happier. It was the best pre-school experience that any of our kids had. At Bethany, the classes really became like a family, and my kids and I both cherish the friendships we made there. The teachers loved my daughters individually, recognized their unique strengths and personalities and helped them really thrive. They came to know that school was a fun and loving and welcoming place, and it set the stage for them be very successful as they transitioned to elementary school. 

–Gretchen & Mike Brooks

Bethany Lutheran Preschool is such a sweet and happy place! Our previously shy son has been in two fantastic classes over the past couple of years and his confidence has grown immensely! The class sizes are small, and all of the teachers have been so caring and nurturing. In addition to teaching the children the basic knowledge of numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, the preschool focuses on kindness, compassion, empathy, and social development, all very important life skills to learn before starting Kindergarten. When the children perform acts of kindness, they earn “pom-poms” that go into a class jar. When the jar is full, they earn a pizza party. Another highlight for our son has been having a turn at taking home the “class pet”(stuffed animal) over the weekend. Chapel time with Pastor Paul, the music and movement program, the class garden, and the amazing crafts have also been highlights of the preschool.  We are so delighted to have our son at Bethany and know that he is thriving and happy there.

–Gretchen & Howard Howlett

Bethany Lutheran Preschool has a very special place in our hearts! We had two of our children attend. The teachers have a special gift in being able to meet each individual child where they are at and support them in their growth. Our kids loved going to school each day and were completely prepared and excited for Kindergarten. Bethany Lutheran Preschool is a great start to any education. 

–Trinette & Matt Kowalski

Our family loves Bethany Lutheran Preschool! We have had two kids go through the preschool with another starting next year – with each year we are always impressed with what a loving and nurturing environment Bethany provides. The teachers in each class level are AMAZING, they provide such an incredible first introduction to school, group learning and starting to form friendships. One of our kiddos was very hesitant to start school and the teachers went out of their way to meet with her beforehand and show her the classroom, but most of all, their class was so fun that she couldn’t wait to go back!  There are several family programs throughout the year so you feel involved without a lot of commitment for parents to be further involved, which I appreciate as a working mom. I’m so thankful to have a place like Bethany where I know I’m dropping my kids off to other adults who are loving and compassionate and seem to have endless energy for play!  

–Dede & Craig Knapp

Bethany Lutheran Preschool gave our children the social, emotional, and educational foundation to last a lifetime. My husband and I are so grateful for the talented teachers who met our kids at their level and helped them develop a love for learning.

–Tiffany & Tom Stevenson